Anti-Government economists need to stop worshipping US dollar – Cde Mutsvangwa

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Anti-Government economists need to stop worshipping US dollar – Cde Mutsvangwa

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Zanu PF is fully behind the newly-introduced Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency given that it is backed by gold which has always been the mainstay of the country’s economy, a senior party official has said.

The revolutionary party’s Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa said gold is a stable store of value, which even outdates the United States dollar.

Addressing journalists today at the party’s headquarters in Harare, Cde Mutsvangwa slammed some anti-government economists who ‘worship’ the US dollar for trying to mislead the nation by preaching that the ZiG is bound to fail.

He said long back when there were no United States dollars in circulation, civilisation thrived because of gold.

“Gold has always been the mainstay of Zimbabwe’s economy. In precolonial times, Great Zimbabwe civilisation subsisted on gold. You cannot build these citadels when the currency is not reliable, that requires a consistency in stability of the currency. Gold has been our currency for a long time,” he said.

“(Cecil John) Rhodes came to Zimbabwe for gold. There is historical logic in the introduction of the ZiG and backing it with gold. President Mnangagwa looked at our history and what has backed Zimbabwe before.

“The anti-government economists have a fetish for the US dollar, they worship it. But the United States dollar is less than 300 years old because America became a country around 1779. All this civilisation existed before America became a country.”