Another dry weekend for Harare

by | Jan 29, 2022 | Local News | 0 comments

Another dry weekend for Harare

Alex Ndhlovu


Harare residents have been advised to brace for another dry weekend as Harare City shuts down Morton Jefray and Warren control water works to allow for major rehabilitation work on the water pumping system.


The two plants that supply portable water to Harare Metropolitan which include Chitungwiza and Norton will be shut down commencing on Friday January 28 2000 at 1400hrs to Saturday January 29 2022 at 1800hrs.


“The shut down is being carried out to allow our contractor who is working on a project to rehabilitate Warren Control Pump Station to repair a reservoir feeder pipe, which is badly corroded and install new suction and discharge valves on three pumps.


The department will also take advantage of the emergency critical shutdown to undertake repair work on trunk mains at Morton Jeffrey and Viking Reservoirs to reduce physical water losses currently obtaining in the system,” reads a statement from the City of Harare.


Morton Jeffrey Water Works complex is composed of three plants and is fed by Darwendale and Lake Chivero while four pumps supply Warren Control and Lonchinvar reservoirs with 1300 mega litre each.


City of Harare is one of many Urban Councils whose infrastructure is in urgent need have suffered from years of neglect due to corruption and competence, as well as a multiplicity of challenges that include sanctions and the ever increasing population density.


Rural to urban migration has put more pressure on urban infrastructure which has gone for decades without meaningful upgrades to cope with the ever rising demand for services.