ANC responses to DA, Announces Formation of GNU in South Africa

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ANC responses to DA, Announces Formation of GNU in South Africa

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

The African National Congress (ANC) has announced the formation of a Government of National Unity (GNU) in South Africa, following the highly anticipated 2024 National and Provincial Election. The announcement comes after the ANC secured the most votes in the election, but fell short of an outright majority.

The ANC, in a statement released today, noted concerns over some parties making “outlandish and outrageous demands” during negotiations. The party emphasized that the final say on the appointment of the cabinet “cannot be held ransom by any single party.” The people, the statement declared, “need a government to be established sooner, rather than later.”

The GNU, according to the ANC, will be formed in line with the agreement between 10 South African political parties to establish an ANC-led government. The agreement, reached after intense talks, aims to address the “important challenges facing the country and improve the lives of our people.”

The statement highlighted the ANC’s commitment to “considering various options towards the formation of the government, that the largest number of votes, after the national interest and took the initiative to engage all parties which won parliamentary seats towards the formation of a Government of National Unity.”

The GNU will be established through a two-phase process. The first phase involved the formation of a coalition government with 10 out of 18 parties joining the initiative by June 22nd. The second phase, currently underway, will focus on appointing the National Executive (Cabinet) in line with the Constitution.

The ANC has emphasized that the cabinet formation will prioritize national interest, inclusivity, and gender, social sectors, and electoral outcomes. It will also consider experience and competency in regards to governance and specific portfolios.

The statement concluded with a call for unity and action: “Let’s do more, together.”