AMH gives workers vaccine ultimatum 

by | Aug 17, 2021 | COVID 19 | 0 comments

Staff Writer

Local media house Alpha Media Holdings, which publishes Newsday, Standard and Zimbabwe Independent has given an ultimatum to its staffers that they should be vaccinated or risk losing their jobs.

The papers, who have been against the country`s vaccine drive in their papers, have surprisingly asked staffers to produce proof of vaccination or risk not being allowed onto their Graniteside work site.

In a circular, seen by Tateguru Tv, AMH through their Human Resources Manager Levy Tswatswa said the impact Covid-19 has had on business has necessitated its stance.

“As a group, we believe that our best form of defence against the virus is vaccination. To date, 52% of staff hasreceived either the first dose or full dose.

We need to get to over 60 percent to 90 percent to achieve herd immunity. To this end, the organisation has made arrangements to ensure those who want to be vaccinated are done so speedily.

Whilst the organisation acknowledges that vaccination is a matter of choice, however, in the interest of our clients fellow workmates, and the country at large management requires that all employees who come to our premises been vaccinated or hold proof of being free of the virus,” the circular read.

From Monday, the company sent all unvaccinated on force leave, giving them a time to seek inoculation or reflect on their future with the organisation.

“Thereafter those who are not vaccinated for reasons best known to them (personal, religious, or medical) are now required to produce a negative PCR test certificate acquired within 48 hours from an approved testing centre to get onto our company cars and offices with effect from 16 August

2021. May you therefore submit your vaccination cards to Human Resources, please note that all vaccination cards will be scanned and verified with the National database for authenticity,” the circular further states.

The company`s owner Trevor Ncube, suffered a major personal loss when several family members died in quick succession from Covid-19.

He recently announced on his In Conversation With Trevor YouTube page that he will be taking a break from productions to seek closure.