Alliance principals write Chamisa`s political epitaph

by | Aug 28, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments


Hosia Mviringi

“And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it,” Daniel 5:25-26, King James Version Bible.

This is an apt description of the unfolding events in the MDC-C party led by Nelson Chamisa, as his political story grinds nearer to its end.

The fate of the Alliance was sealed at a meeting of the MDC Alliance Principals held at Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House yesterday.

The meeting which was attended by six of the seven political party signatories to the Alliance pact resolved to guard jealously the name and reputation of the MDC Alliance as a party and the trademarks of the MDC.

“The meeting, however, noted the continued abuse of the MDC Alliance name and symbols and urged those doing so to cease and desist forthwith,” noted the Alliance Principals Forum in a statement.


The meeting was attended by the PDP Party as represented its leader Lucia Matibenga, MDC-Green represented by Shupikai Mandaza, representatives of the Zimbabwe People First Party (ZimPf), ZANU Ndonga, Multiracial Christian Party (MCD) and chaired by the MDC-T Party President Senator Douglas Mwonzora.

In an interview with this reporter, MDC-T National Chairman Senator Morgan Komichi did not mince his words in the clearest indication of what awaits Mr Nelson Chamisa and his outfit.

“The meeting signifies a rare convergence of ideas, interests and resolve to chart a new direction for the party which had been hijacked by political opportunists,” he said.

“The meeting resolved to take drastic measures against those people that continue to abuse the name of the party, it’s symbols and trademarks. Legal processes are underway to enforce the resolution.”

A Court interdict is in the offing to force Nelson Chamisa to abandon the MDC Alliance name and drop use of it’s acronym and trademarks.


The meeting marks a new beginning and possibly an end to a long holiday for Mr Chamisa as he will have to begin to face the world as his own man. It is not an exaggeration to say that the man has since 2018 been riding on the goodwill and sympathy left behind by the late Morgan Tsvangirai. The man has no experience of founding a brand. This becomes the proverbial litmus test to floundering political roller coaster ride.

PDP President Lucia Matibenga, who also attended the meeting expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of the meeting while signalling her party’s commitment to the spirit of unity among alliance members.

She said that she attended the meeting with a clear conscience believing that the current leadership at the former Harvest House is the correct one as it came through a democratic process of Congress.

“I attended the meeting because I strongly believe that we now have the right leadership in place since the departure of power usurpers led by Chamisa. My conscience is clean and I am satisfied as I look forward to play a role in a dream to build a strong united opposition party that is ready to govern,” she said.

The composition of the meeting is an endorsement of Senator Douglas Mwonzora’s leadership of the alliance to mark an official change of name from MDC-T to MDC Alliance.

Conspicuously absent from the meeting was Jacob Ngarivhume and his “one-man-band” Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) party.

Ngarivhume in January 2021 threw away his party and pledged allegiance to Nelson Chamisa.