Ali death and obstruction of justice

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Ali death and obstruction of justice

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

Ambulance chasing wail parties are not my thing.

I have always prided myself in logic and my anger is drawn only when one refuse to be logical about things.
I comment only on facts and proffer opinions after logically looking at things.
I am never drawn into joining pity parties and groups of blame apportionists if there is such a term.
But I guess this simple logic is lost on a lot of Zimbabweans especially the lot on social media and from the opposition.
I did not know Moreblessing Ali at all, and I am not aware of any political reason that would reasonably make her an assassination target.
I therefore dismiss with contempt any suggestions and allegations that she was, or could have been murdered for political reasons.
Murder in all its forms is criminal, and I hope the perpetrator(s) will be brought to book soon.
Police of course have announced that they have since arrested the chief suspect Pius Jamba.
Politicisation of pure criminal acts because of political affiliation is obstruction of justice!
In recent years in Zimbabwe, we have had an upsurge of criminal activity associated with politics to an extent were a member of the Zimbabwean opposition cannot even be struck by lightning without accusations of political involvement of ZANU PF.

Our society is so polarised that we have people who will go out of their way to be involved in criminal activities and then turn around and accuse Harare Government and by extension of course ZANU PF of lawfare when they themselves would have used lawfare in the first place.
Some sections of our Civic and political society have been going about provoking the State to arrest them or break up their demonstration only to turn around and claim political persecution.
Some have staged abductions and ‘torture’ just so they can claim to have been abducted and tortured for political purposes.
Some obscure and unknown persons have had themselves thrust into instant fame and fortune and lap of luxury after claiming torture and abduction by ZANU PF in poorly scripted dramas that it is embarrassing that no one has bothered to fully expose it.
But nothing beat the noise and furore that erupted these past few weeks over the alleged abduction of Moreblessing Ali, a Chitungwiza Municipality police officer, who had an altercation with her estranged Pius Jamba at a drinking spot at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre, Nyatsime, in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza.
Sadly, Moreblessing Ali was found murdered this previous Sunday, three weeks after being seen dragged away into the darkness by Jamba.
The police have repeatedly ruled out politics as a motive of this murder.
Moreblessing Ali was not really known by anyone as a political person. She was in ZANU PF books as proven by the Party’s local structures. Meanwhile, the CCC through none other than their National Vice Chairperson Job Sikhala and also spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere have been making scurrilous claims of her being abducted by ZANU PF for being a CCC activist.

They accused a local party official named Simba Chisango, who is said to be a district chair of organising her abduction and disappearance and eventual murder.
Now let’s put into perspective the position of Chisango and show how little influence he has in terms of party polity and action. A district chairman leads 5 branches which are composed of 250 people each.
A branch is made up of five party cells of 50 people each.
A district chairman therefore leads 1250 people in a properly structured party structure.
This of course in urban places is not even a correct scenario as the structures may not be truly representative and one may be leading a shell.
Now, ZANU PF has over 3120 party districts and that means 3120 district chairmen making chairs a dozen and a dime.
Now above a district is a District Coordinating Committee ( DCC ) who control all party districts in an Administrative District. Above them is a Provincial Coordinating Committee and then National. There are also other structures like Central Committee and National Consultative Assembly besides Women’s League and Youth League and affiliates.
All this is necessary to show that Simba Chisango is not a powerful person nor does he have such far reaching influence as ascribed to him by Sikhala and his myriad of backers in their cacophony.
Now back to our Moreblessing Ali story and what made me think stupidity couched as political wokeness remains stupidity.
Police statement narrated events as stated by a witness.
The statement outlined a progression of events that were being used as starting point of investigation. It did not give an opinion. And nothing thus far proved that statement incorrect.

The police were accused of being heartless because of the statement they issued. Never mind the fact that it was not the noisy Sikhala and his cohort that found the body but it’s the police that had kept on the trail?
People have said it is grieving that has caused people to be issuing dangerously seditious statements.
But grief is not an excuse to be a nuisance.
Worse, when the family itself have not been so loud. Grief, especially if it is just ambulance chasing that is not even driven by genuine concern should be condemned by all right thinking persons but not so with our opposition and their Western backers.
Only closed minds jumped to conclusions with no full information.
The same closed minds that cry for Ubuntu without acknowledging their own lack of Ubuntu in vilifying the police that is doing its work and getting results in spite of being hindered by the mindless echo chambers of clueless idiots who keep repeating the same thing hoping for different results.
Many were accusing the police of not doing anything and yet it was the police who found the body not key board nuisances.
It was the police who kept the public informed and kept requesting the same public not to issue inflammatory remarks and to stop politicising the crime.
However certain persons including senior party leadership and foreign embassies and even foreign political actors including one Lord John Oates concluded that Moreblessing Ali had been abducted and murdered by ZANU PF.

How does one cry for justice for Moreblessing Ali while obstructing justice?
The loud noise about Ali’s murder have not helped at all. In fact they have led to violence and destruction of property which have seen the likes of Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole, both Members of Parliament of CCC for inciting and participating in violent behavior.
Now with their arrest and that of Pius Jamba, I now await Fadzayi Mahere, Lord John Oates, Job Sikhala and any other person who has thrown about suggestions that Moreblessing Ali was killed for political reasons to come out and issue an apology.
I am also hopeful for a fair trial, a fair conviction and fairly long custodial sentences! Foolishness is not an acceptable form of legal defense!
We cannot be a nation of ambulance chasers for votes!