After Seven Months of Closure, PSMAS Flagship Hospital Re-Opens …Workers Ready To Resume Work

by | Apr 28, 2023 | COVID 19, Latest, Local News | 0 comments

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI)’s West End Hospital will re-open its doors on May 2 after seven months of closure.

The company’s flagship hospital had been closed due to non-payment of employees’ salaries whilst the management blamed ‘cash flow ceilings’.

In a press conference with journalists in Harare on Friday, PSMI worker’s committee chairperson Mr Munyaradzi Nharaunda said after consultations between the government and their employer they are now ready to resume work.

“We have been closed for a while due to circumstances beyond our control.

“So as PSMI employees, we are back with the intention to help every civil servant with the PSMAS card. From May 2, every PSMI employee will be ready to get back to work,” he said.

He also said the employees would work at sites that will soon be published in the press, television and radio.

He said they had stopped working because unscrupulous individuals were stealing from the sick.

“The reason why we delayed opening was that the corrupt individuals were roaming about freely. Whenever we thought we were making some inroads, they would block progress. Such that when we talked about capacitation, they would block the avenues where money was supposed to come from. In so doing, the government helped us by arresting these persons. By so doing, we find no reason to remain closed,” Mr Nharaunda said.

He said they are confident that by June most of the workers would have returned to work and that most of the facilities will be reopened.

“Some centres were closed because PSMI was a tenant and there was no remittance of rentals resulting in the closure.

“Some of our staffers who are professionals have looked for greener pastures. For us to open a ward, there should be a certain number of nurses or doctors,” he added.