Additional Covid-19 measures for Easter

by | Mar 31, 2021 | COVID 19, Local News | 0 comments

Hosia Mviringi

Government has put in place extra restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 during the Christian Easter holiday.

Cognizant of the need for families to reunite for festivities, the government has announced that all travellers from outside the country’s borders will be required to produce negative PCR test certificates not older than forty-eight (48) hours, besides which they will be subjected to mandatory quarantine in a hotel for 10 days at own cost.

In a statement, President Mnangagwa said the country cannot afford to be complacent.
“To safeguard our nation, we need to take some additional measures to avoid a third wave of the pandemic which is already affecting some nations of the world”, said President Mnangagwa.

The decision was in response to the reality of the third wave of infections which is now ravaging some countries in Europe and the Americas.

South Africa has its own unique Covid-19 variant for which an effective vaccine has not been developed.”Travellers coming into the country from neighbouring States must undergo valid Covid-19 PCR tests not more than 48hrs from time of their departure for Zimbabwe.

Travellers without aforesaid test results clearing them for safe travel will be quarantined for 10 days at designated hotels, and at their own cost”, said President Mnangagwa.
As a nation, Zimbabwe is not immune to these epidemiological shocks, thus an urgent need to be proactive and to respond timeously to such threats.

As part of a cocktail of measures, all students and pupils in boarding schools will not be permitted to leave school this Easter holiday for their homes, likewise, parents and guardians are not allowed on school premises to visit kids.

“School learners who are in boarding schools will not be permitted to travel back home. Equally, no parents will travel to concerned schools for purposes of visits,” President Mnangagwa said.

This has become a necessary inconvenience to ensure the infection rate is kept to a minimum.
Bars and nightclubs will remain closed for the period, while all gatherings will have to adhere to the maximum stipulated number of fifty (50) persons at any given time.

Zimbabweans were encouraged to postpone or cancel completely all unnecessary travel until it is safe to do so.
Tourists who wish to be vaccinated while in Zimbabwe will be free to do so at vaccination centres which remain open throughout the holidays countrywide, at own cost.

Citizens were reminded to remain vigilant and observe strict WHO Covid-19 guidelines that include wearing of masks, social distancing, regular washing and sanitizing of hands, and most importantly getting vaccinated.