Reengagement breakthrough for Zimbabwe

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Reengagement breakthrough for Zimbabwe

Brian Temba

The European Union has removed Zimbabwe`s Vice President (Rtd) General Constantino Chiwenga and Commander Defense Forces General Valerio Sibanda from its sanctions list.

The decision, announced through an advisory by the European Union is a product of re-engagement efforts by Zimbabwe.

“The EU reiterates its readiness to support credible and sustainable economic and political reforms, based on tangible commitments made by the Government of Zimbabwe.

The EU will continue to support the people of Zimbabwe focusing on priority areas as aligned with Zimbabwe’s National Development Stratergy 1 (NDS1); Good Governance and Citizen rights, Green Economic growth and Social recovery and Human Development,” the EU said.

However, despite the positive news, the EU decided to continue upholding restrictions against the Zimbabwe Defense Industry.

“The arms embargo and the targeted assets freeze against one company, Zimbabwe Defence Industries, remain in place taking into account the situation in Zimbabwe, as well as the continuing need to investigate the role of security forces in human rights abuses. The EU will continue to closely follow developments, with a particular attention to the human rights situation, and recalls its readiness to review and adapt the whole range of its policies accordingly,” the EU said, trying hard to justify their restrictions against a company whose potential has been inhibited by sanctions.

The EU`s continued claim that sanctions are targeted and are not affecting the ordinary Zimbabwean citizen showed how much work that lies ahead for Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

“The measures in place are targeted and very limited, therefore they do not affect the people of Zimbabwe, its economy, foreign direct investments, or trade. Zimbabwe continues to benefit from duty free and quota free access of its exports to the EU, while negotiations are ongoing to deepen the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Economic Partnership Agreement,” the EU said.

Zimbabwe has remained steadfast in its call for sanctions to be removed, there have been calls from some circles that the country should implement sanctions busting measures instead of waiting for the EU, to decide to remove the shackles around Zimbabwe`s neck.

Also removed from the list was former First Lady Grace Mugabe.