Police warn rogue bar and night club operators

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Alex Samanyanga

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned bars, beerhalls, nightclubs, and restaurants over disregarding Covid-19 national lockdown measures set to curb spread of the virus.
A number of facilities are allowing patrons to drink alcohol on site, despite regulations which state that it is illegal to do so.

Night clubs have been closed since March 2020 as they are considered to be fertile grounds for infections, while bars are allowed to sell take-away units.

However, night clubs have been opening, while bars have been allowing patrons to consume alcohol on site, defying the national directive.
Last month, Government allowed restaurants to operate at 50 per cent sitting capacity but some are disregarding the recommendations, taking in patrons to full capacity.

Law enforcement has promised to deal with errant proprietors.
In a statement, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police directed all Officers Commanding Provinces to take action against offenders.

“ZRP has noted with concern the proliferation of bars, beerhalls and restaurants which are openly defying the Government’s Covid-19 regulations by operating with clients drinking beer whilst closed inside. Some are even drinking whilst parking vehicles at the premises. In some cases, loud music is being played as the revellers play hide and seek with the Police.

Police reminds the public that the threat of a third wave of the pandemic is still imminent according to medical experts. Therefore the Zimbabwe Republic Police will arrest all operators who are not complying with the Government directive to remain closed,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

The ZRP appealed to members of the public to report those operating illegally to the nearest Police station or on complain desk WhatsApp number 0716 800 197.
Zimbabwe’s cumulative Covid-19 cases stood at 37 875, with 35 058 recoveries and 1 554 deaths.
The recovery rate stood at 93 percent with 35 810 cases being attributed to local transmission. Active cases were 1 275.

Government is currently carrying out a widespread vaccination program across the country and plans to immunize 60 percent of the country’s estimated 14 million people, with the ultimate goal of achieving herd immunity by end of the year.