13 pages and 84 points to say: “I have been outfoxed” – as Chamisa loses CCC

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13 pages and 84 points to say: “I have been outfoxed” – as Chamisa loses CCC

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


Serial loser, Nelson Chamisa has lost his Citizens for Coalition Change party to his erstwhile and strategic Interim Secretary Sengezo Tshabangu.


In a move that bolsters what most of us already knew and on the anniversary of the CCC and in a long-worded and repetitive 13-page statement its embattled leader Chamisa all but stated that he had been outfoxed by his Interim SG Tshabangu and had lost the battle for control of the opposition party.


Chamisa who arrogates God to himself declaring God to be in it, proved to all sane persons that God is not in it by forming a cult-like figure in which he was the only position holder. He declared that his party was a structure- less entity again proving that God was not in it for God operates in a structured way and has rules and a hierarchy.


In his statement, Chamisa sought to inveigle his cultic followers and his Western sympathizers by repeating a litany of false charges against ZANU PF and trying to draw it and the courts into his losing battle with Tshabangu and his other internal opponents. Chamisa who had recently claimed that some in ZANU PF leadership were blocking his attempts to engage with President Emerson Mnangagwa charged at the electoral board ZEC, the security forces and the courts accusing them of collusion in his failure to win the Presidency and his loss of the 2-year old party.


Of course, all this is merely to win sympathy as everyone knows he attempts to create something that hasn’t ever been done. Commenting on the issue, Professor Jonathan Moyo said; “Anyone, anywhere who at any time comes up with a political party with no structures and with no constitution, or who makes himself or herself the structure and constitution of the party is his or her own worst enemy.”


Many have advised the AFM-trained cleric to form a church saying that while a structure-less and constitution-less formation may work for a cultic churchy, it can never work for a political party. Many have said, his fear of infiltration and lack of strategy on countering it is what really led him to losing control of his party as there is nothing easier to infiltrate than a structure-less, officer-less and member-less entity for anyone can just claim to be anything.


While Chamisa may have prided himself in having God on his side, a political formation is not run like a church and one that doesn’t have a constitution or structures can never meet the most basic elements of a democratic or progressive formation.