12 officers graduate in dog handling

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12 officers graduate in dog handling


Mako Jerera


Twelve Zimbabwe Republic Police trainees, graduated in dog handling course number 1 of 2023 at the Canine Station in Harare last week.


The purpose of the dog handling course was to train dogs to be either for patrol or drug sniffing, which helps to simplify police work.


Chief Staff Officer of training and development Commissioner Priscilla Makotose said the dog handling course involved loyalty and teamwork.


“Police dog training is not just about teaching dogs to obey commands; it’s about cultivating a partnership built on loyalty and teamwork,” she said.


Commissioner Makotose said there were essential virtues that formed the foundation of the relationship between the handler and the dog.


“As we recognise the dedication and hard work that has brought our graduates to this moment, we also acknowledge the significance of the bond they have formed with their canine partners,” she said.


“The partnership between a patrol dog handler and their furry companion is truly extraordinary. It is a relationship built on trust, loyalty, and a mutual understanding of the critical role they play in maintaining public safety.”


Commissioner Makotose emphasised the importance of acknowledging the dedication and sacrifice made by the Canine Station to train handlers and their dogs to fight crime.


“Indeed, the commitment and sacrifices made by police officers from our Canine Section since time immemorial can not be understated,” she said.


“They have continued to work tirelessly, often in challenging and dangerous situations, to protect our communities.


“They have become our eyes, ears, and noses in law enforcement, detecting illicit substances, locating missing persons, and apprehending criminals. Their work is not only crucial in solving crime but also in preventing it, making our communities more secure.”


Four of the 12 graduates received prizes, and among those four was a woman, Sergeant Corazon Chuma from Gwanda.


Sergeant Chuma emphasised the need for women to enrol in such programmes.


“To inspire more women and young girls, most women need to start signing up for programmes like dog handling,” she said.


“A Zimbabwe where men and women have equal opportunities is what President Mnangagwa and the Second Republic are preaching, and most women need to start working towards that.”